Monday, May 2, 2011

Organized moment: SF packing list

I feel like we just got back from New York and now we are heading to San Francisco.  I didn't draw out my outfits for the New York trip.  I thought it would have been too much for a 10 day trip.  And as it turns out my clothing options were sort of awful.  Maybe it was the lack of planning or the unpredictable weather.  Hopefully I will be better prepared for San Francisco this week.

When the drawing was scanned, I also made a copy so I could highlight and cross things out as they were packed so nothing was forgotten.



  1. very similar to my method of packing...

  2. You are my inspiration! xo

  3. you should sketch the clothes and let charlie & tessa color in the outfits. then you'll really be stylin' ! ;)

    safe travels and have so much fun ! xxx

  4. You are so cute! Have a great trip. xox