Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obsessed with: Calypso for Target

Ok so this was a big weekend, and it had nothing to do with the Royal Wedding.  I actually didn't even pay attention to all the media surrounding the nuptials of Kate and William as I was eagerly obsessing and awaiting the arrival of Calypso at Target.

Among my friends and I we all had our calendars marked for May 1.  The day when the beloved clothing line, Calypso arrived at Target.  We arrived Sunday morning at 8:15 to snatch up some goodies before they were all gone.    And believe me, there were people that were waiting outside before the opening of the store at 8:00 and they really went on a mad shop, totally "supermarket sweep style."

I think I got some goodies...  Did you get in on the Calypso Target action?

girls' smocked tiered dress

red sequined tunic

white ruffle pajama set

gold earrings

baby bubble romper (heaven!)

baby flip flops



  1. Love the earrings and pajamas- wish they had those in w. ashley!

  2. Thanks.. I love the earrings too! They are all sold out of them everywhere I think! There was only one pair at the store when I got there. Thinking I may need those shoes that you got! Hmmm? I guess the obsession is still going. xo

  3. The red tunic and earrings are amazing! I wish I was able to score the gold pouf. Oh well. I thought the little girl's clothes were super cute. That bubble romper is especially sweet.