Friday, September 16, 2011

Obsessed with: Missoni for Target

I am sure by now everyone may be a little sick of hearing about Missoni for Target.

Ok, so basically when Target has these designer events, I need to confess that I get a little stressed out.  I never know if I should wake up early and go online or head to the nearest store as soon as they open...

With Calypso, I got there about an hour after the store opened, and there was still tons available.  Although the home section was ransacked and I was unable to score the metallic pouf I had my eye on.

Tuesday morning, on my way to the store, I was on the telephone with a friend in Hoboken as she arrived at her Target.  She was so disappointed to see that there was literally nothing left.  I for sure thought it would be a different story at my Target here in Charleston.  I assumed that there would be tons still at my store, especially since I had gotten there just 30 minutes after store opening... well I was wrong.

I was able to score this amazing pillows, so I can't really complain.. but that was about it.  I saw some girl clothing for Tessa but wasn't sure, so I left with 3 pillows in tow.


(these are the best pictures I could get.  It is a rainy morning and there are a bunch of lazy ones of the sofa watching TV.) 

As embarrassed as I am to say, I thought I was over the Missoni-Mania, but found myself at a different Target location yesterday.  I had some time to spare before a doctor appointment, and thought it would be a good idea to see if there were any returns, or items leftover.   I did pretty well actually.

I score these pants for myself, which could be great for post-baby lounging but cute enough to run around town in with some ballet flats and a cardigan.

As for Ms. Tessa, I got her the ballet flats which I was unsure of at my first visit and this insane velvet coat.  I don't think the shoes will last long, but the coat is a definite keeper.

Did you get caught up in the madness?


Organized baby: 2 weeks to go

It is sort of crazy that this baby can arrive at any moment.
It feels like I am constantly expecting a surprise party to be thrown for me.
I usually love surprises, but I am getting nervous that the baby is going to make an appearance in strange places, like at the gym, supermarket, or a restaurant...


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Organized baby: 3 weeks to go

So I was on a crazy search for a baby bag.  I was looking for something that was practical and stylish.  All the bags which were from the "diaper bag" category, well sort of lame, and totally too babyish.  In the end I ended up going with a tote-style handbag instead.

And I bought this guy today, which basically makes any bag into a diaper bag.  I had one when Charlie was a baby and kept it under the stroller, I am not sure where it went.  So this baby gets a new one.  It is great because it is small, it has pockets for wipes, diapers and has a zip off changing pad for when you need to change the little one on the go.  

Now I have a bag I love and it can officially be called a "diaper bag" with the addition of this.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Organized baby: 4 weeks to go

When Darren and I were dating, my mom told me to be sure to always have my nails done, "just in case."  She thought that we could have gotten engaged at any time, and it would be a shame to have a new sparkly ring with crummy nails.  I have to agree.

I know it seems silly, and you are probably thinking that the baby will not care, notice or understand what condition my nails are in.  I just always feel better with nicely painted and manicured nails and toes.

So while I am sure this baby wont make an appearance for a few more weeks... it doesn't hurt to be ready "just in case."