Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Organized moment: fruits and veggies

These are also great for organizing your fruits and veggies.  I have gotten them for people as gifts before.  I think they are so pretty.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

organized moment: toilet paper holder

My kids love unraveling the roll of toilet paper... who doesn't right?

Well today, I went in the bathroom and there was a mess of paper on the floor.  I tried to roll most of it back onto to the roll but there was some extra that broke off.

I didn't want to just leave a bunch on it on the floor or the counter...  And then I noticed the conch shell on the back of the seat... voila!  A perfect little place to stash the excess toilet paper!


organization tip: sift, scoop and pinch

It been super hot here lately, and being 6 months pregnant, the last place I want to be is outside in the heat. So needless to say, we have been spending a lot of time inside, reading books, eating ice pops, playing, and of course... making a mess!

Today I got a little creative with our clean up.  I gave the kids kitchen tools to help pick up their crayons and pencils.  It definitely made the daunting task a bit more fun...  although it also took a whole lot longer (not that that's a bad thing when you are stuck inside).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

obsessed with: our father's day gift

Here's what we did: 

I had the kids lay on the canvas one at a time. 
I traced their bodies with pencil, then went over the lines with a black paint marker. 
Then I had the kids color in their bodies with paint, we definitely had a little confusion, and somebody painted their real belly, when I said add paint to your body

And that's all... 

I have to say, I think this was a great idea and the end result is sort of amazing...   We are all obsessed with the final product.  A fabulous piece of artwork, and a great reminder of how big the kids were this Father's Day. 



Friday, June 17, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

organized moment: mini art gallery


Organized moment: nothingness

I woke up this morning after my usual 10 hours of sleep (I may as well enjoy it now before baby arrives in a few months) and I went through my mental checklist of what needed to be done today.

laundry... nope
empty the dishwasher... nope
any errands to run... nope
plans... nope

While I  do love those days of running around getting things done.  Once in a while, we have days with a wide open agenda.  This is the ultimate organized moment, an empty to do list.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Organization tip: get packing

We are always on the go, which means we always have a bag packed for something.  The pool, the beach, the gym, New York...  So I feel like I have gotten really good and getting ready and packing up our things as minimally as possible.    Yesterday we had a little trip planned to go to the pool.  Our bag was ready to go hours before we left.

I think packing is where my organization skills really shine.

Tomorrow we are going to New York for a long weekend, don't fret, we have been packed since yesterday.  I didn't draw any packing lists, but summer wardrobes are easier I think.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Obsessed with: Jack's sweet potato mustard

I am obsessed with this mustard.  It is from a local hot dog place in Charleston, Jack's Cosmic Dogs.  It is a cute roadside eatery that gets tons of local attention, and has been on the Food Network a bunch as well.  And while I may get some flack about my usual order at Jack's (a veggie dog), the best part to me is the blue cheese slaw and sweet potato mustard.   While I can recreate the blue cheese slaw at home, the sweet potato mustard is one of a kind!

Last weekend, we took a jar of this delicious concoction home with us, and it does not disappoint.  I think it would taste good on anything.  Today I made a ham and cheese quesadilla, perfect pairing for sweet potato mustard!  I am totally obsessed.  You can buy it online or if  you are lucky enough to live in Charleston, there is a Jack's in Mt. Pleasant and Folly Beach.