Friday, May 13, 2011

Organization tip: beach minimalism

One of the best things about summer in my opinion, is going to the beach.  But as fun as the beach is, it can also be a bit messy and a little bit of a pain with the packing, snacks, diapers, swimsuits, etc.

Luckily for us in Charleston, we get to go almost all year round.   So I have become a bit of a beach minimalist which makes the whole thing a lot less chaotic and a bit more... organized!

I dress the kids in their suits.

I bring:
1 beach chair for me, it is the backpack kind so I am handsfree... although its a little dorky.
1 bucket of toys.
1 tote bag with snacks, drinks, and a change of clothes for after, 1 towel and a plastic bag for wet suits.

That's it!

When we come home and while kids are still in car, I put away the chair and the toys back on the porch.  I bring in the tote bag.  All the wet items go right in the washing machine, the snacks get mostly tossed at the beach.. and that's it.  Totally unpacked.

When the kids are super sandy, I fill up the kiddy pool and they have a little bath in it (with ice pops of course... no sticky mess!)  I also rinse off all the flip flops, suits, etc and leave outside to dry.   This way they don't even enter the house all sandy...  

We just left the beach an hour ago.  We are all unpacked, kids bathed, fed, and now ready for naps.  And I can relax....  


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  1. You are super mom!!! The kids look like they had such a fun day. xox