Monday, May 16, 2011

Obsessed with: birthdays

I am definitely one of those people who love birthdays, not only my own but others around me.  Last week was Darren's birthday.  We made him a little party in the house, no major guest list there, just the 4 of us, and Dexter of course.  We kept it super simple.

We bought a chocolate cake at the market and decorated it with strawberries.

We decorated the "birthday chair" and chandelier with beads. 


We usually eat dinner at the dining room table, but instead we ate at the kitchen table
It was super cozy and fun. 

We made a beautiful birthday sign. 

The birthday guest got to wear at special hat. 

We made his favorite dinner. 
Whole wheat pasta w. turkey bolognese
Okay, maybe his favorite is real pasta w. meat sauce but a healthier version is okay too. 

We ate the cake. 

We also had a musical presentation. 
Notice the beautiful backdrop.  



  1. I disagree... I think there was a very exclusive guest list! Great Birthday.

  2. gosh, we really are one and the same. you know how i looooooove birthdays ! happy belated to doctor daddy darren ! i think i may just call him ddd from now on. =)

    i love everything about the birthday party - backdrop, chair decorations, birthday boy's hat, c-man on the drums, cake, candles... fantastic !!

  3. It was really fun. Darren took video of the birthday drum session. Ill have to get it and upload it.

    Your birthday isn't too far off, I am sure you have some fun and delicious planned no doubt!


  4. SO fun!! Happy bday, D. xo

  5. you forgot to end this little vignette with

    ...and we lived happily ever after

  6. Just saw this...loving the b-day boy in his "Dexter" hat! : )