Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An organized moment: vintage toy collection


  1. vintage toys - you knew this would get my attention. =) just shared those photos with you from the vintage toy exhibit i went to in paris. wish you had been there with me. xxx

  2. If those horses in the back of the picture are "vintage toys"... what does that make me?

  3. Kerrin: It totally reminds me of those awesome picture you took at the toy show in France... each of those were awesome all lined up.

    Darren: That's very interesting... I guess your horses are vintage.... although the fact that this was not from when you were a kid but rather in Middle School (sorry) makes it a little newer I guess.


  4. i'm back with something amazingly fun to add to the vintage toy theme... future birthday party perhaps ?!

    and sam, that is a blog you will just LOVE like i do, i know it !!