Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How do you stay organized?

For ages I was a total Filofax girl. I love that little leather book, ad believe me, I took it everywhere. I would look forward to the end of the year when it was time to buy m ore calendar pages, and loved the moment when I threw out the past year's used up sheets and replaced them with clean crisp new ones.

I remember one year, my brother bought me a new leather planner. I was so used to the format and style of my beloved Filofax, that as soon I received the gift, I instantly was in hysterics because I wasn't sure how I was going to organize my organizer... yikes!

Anyway, as years went on I have really pared down. I reduced my bulky leather book to a basic 12 month wall calendar. Today, I am proud to say I use the calendar on the iPad to keep track of dinner plans, play dates and appointments. And to be honest, I really don't miss that Filofax... I guess looking back it wasn't necessary to have my check books, full address book, a mini ruler, and a giant calendar with me 24/7.

How do you all stay organized?


  1. filo-fax all the way !! in fact, as i sit here at my desk, luddite that i am, my brown leather planner with beige stitching is right besides me, where it always is. i don't carry it around anymore - because, agreed, it weighs a ton and hey -- ikea gives out rulers for free anyway. ;) what i do carry around with me, *everywhere* and all the time, is one of my many moleskines. LOVE them.

  2. Nothing like my little red book from Smythson. I know I am a snob. But I love to use it with a special pen!!!!!

  3. Of all the people, I knew you two would comment on this...

    Kerrin, you are the ultimate with your tiny handwriting all of your organizers... and I bet you KEEP the old pages.... probably in some file of old Filofax pages...

    PLk.. of course you love your Red books with the gold PLK on the cover!