Thursday, July 7, 2011

Organized baby: 12 weeks to go

Some pregnant women, begin to "nest" when they are getting toward the end of their pregnancy...   they organize, clean, arrange and decorate their homes.  Personally I am constantly in a state of nesting.  So for me, being pregnant gives me an excuse to be extra organized.

With 12 weeks to go, I figure it was ok to start to get a little organized in the baby department.  For the first few months, this little one will reside in our room.  Luckily, the bassinet was in our room for the past year, as we couldn't find a place to store it, so that was easy.  Then I brought in the changing table, which is where I will keep all of the baby's belongings for the beginning.  I need to order some bins to keep all baby things neat and well-catagorized.

We have a few unknowns going on.  Whether this baby is a boy or a girl and where we will be living when the baby is a few months old, which makes all of this feel a bit temporary.  But not to fear, this baby will have a clean, well organized and fabulous space to call home for the first few months.


  1. You are the MOST organized mom I know! Can't wait to meet the third addition to your family. Love you. xox

  2. Thanks Kyle! You are so organized as well! xo.

  3. There is a four legged little guy named Dexter who is VERY VERY insulted right now!

  4. I cant wait to meet this little thing !!!!! love you