Sunday, June 19, 2011

obsessed with: our father's day gift

Here's what we did: 

I had the kids lay on the canvas one at a time. 
I traced their bodies with pencil, then went over the lines with a black paint marker. 
Then I had the kids color in their bodies with paint, we definitely had a little confusion, and somebody painted their real belly, when I said add paint to your body

And that's all... 

I have to say, I think this was a great idea and the end result is sort of amazing...   We are all obsessed with the final product.  A fabulous piece of artwork, and a great reminder of how big the kids were this Father's Day. 




  1. this is seriously awesome. i'm sure you've got the date on there somewhere too, what a keeper. but i'm telling you, by the time charlie is 10, you're going to need a new house -- to store all their artwork ! love it. but hey, no photo of the painted belly ? ;)

    happy father's day to darren, and to bertie too !

  2. Thanks Kerr! I just added some new pictures! In true organized fashion, it is all hung up in the hallway outside their room. I just adore it!
    We tried to get dexter on there but that was a bit tricky!


  3. WOW! I love this Sammy. Its so beautiful and thoughtful. You're husband is a lucky daddy!

  4. Thanks Anabel. It turned out great I think... better than expected! Darren loves it too which is the best part. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for reading! xo.

  5. The best part is Charlie's inspiration for his choice of colors... (What was brown supposed to represent?)

  6. OMG, Sam! Phenomenal. The canvas looks as though it came straight out of the MoMa. Such a fab Father's day gift. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Darren-Your humor is too much! Love you guys.


  7. Thanks Kyle! Hope y'all had a great father's day! Xo