Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Organization tip: get packing

We are always on the go, which means we always have a bag packed for something.  The pool, the beach, the gym, New York...  So I feel like I have gotten really good and getting ready and packing up our things as minimally as possible.    Yesterday we had a little trip planned to go to the pool.  Our bag was ready to go hours before we left.

I think packing is where my organization skills really shine.

Tomorrow we are going to New York for a long weekend, don't fret, we have been packed since yesterday.  I didn't draw any packing lists, but summer wardrobes are easier I think.


  1. Are you going to pack the trunk before you pick me up at work tomorrow?

  2. forget the trunk, i want to know if your bag is already packed for switzerland ?? =)