Sunday, October 9, 2011

Organizational tip: multitasking for five

I have been a mom to three children under the age of four for about 12 days.  
Something I have already realized is the importance of multitasking.

On Thursday, I nursed Henry while in the pedicure chair at the nail salon; I have found that bath time is a perfect time to fold laundry; and I rarely use the computer (hence the lack of blog posts) as it is much easier to use my phone or Ipad for quick emails, etc.

Spending time with Charlie and Tessa is something that is still a huge important priority, and I try to spend time with them alone and just the two of them whenever I can.  This afternoon Henry was taking a long nap in his cradle, and the house was quiet.  So Charlie, Tessa and I made dinner.  Together we made pizza and meatballs.  We had fun mixing the ingredients, sprinkling on the cheese, and counting the meatballs.

This was so much fun, because we spent time together, and made dinner all at the same time!  

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  1. one more thing you needed to add to that multitasking list of yours - taking pictures of it all to show us !! :) love this post. very impressive, sammo. mother of three.... xxx