Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Organized question: how early do you pack?

We are going to New York for a week this coming Friday.  In an attempt to be organized I usually pack days in advance.  I think about my outfits, sometimes they are even draw out, I stack up neat piles, and try to come up with the perfect combinations of clothing for my trip.  But what usually ends up happening, is that I look at those piles and continuously take things out, put things back in, etc.

I realized that packing in advance maybe creates more work.  So here it is, Wednesday morning, 2 days before my trip and I have yet to lay out a single item.  I may have draw out some lists, I am not going to lie.

But I am just wondering.. How far in advance do you pack for a trip?  Hours...? Days...?


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  1. forget the packing, i want those suitcases ! =)

    i'm all about packing in advance. when a trip starts to approach, i open the suitcase next to my bed. then slowly, little by little, piles start to appear around it...

    only, as you said, this advance packing multiplies the work and time spent by like 100. i add stuff, remove stuff, change, add, empty and repack a gazillion times, continuing to do so until like 5 minutes before we leave ! i'm starting to think olivier's method of packing once, right before we go in a matter of 5 minutes is the way to go. ;)