Monday, April 25, 2011

Organized moment: unpacking

We just got home last night after a 10 day trip to New York.  It was so much fun seeing family, friends, visiting our favorite places.

But let's get down to the organized part.  When I walked in the door.  The house was just as a left it, perfectly organized... toys in their places, dishwasher was clean with only a few items to put away, beds made...  I could hear the sound of birds singing in my head.

Then arrived my nemesis....  THE SUITCASES.

Whenever we arrive home from a trip I am in usually in the worse mood, overwhelmed and stressed out because I feel the need to unpack within 5 minutes of walking in the door.  I hardly give myself a moment to check email, read my mail all in the effort to unpack in some sort of record time, as I am in the Organized and Obsessed Olympics...  Yesterday was a little different.

My first priority was putting the kids to bed.  And then I unpacked their suitcase and laid out all their clothes on the floor to be put away.  I may be crazy but I didn't want to disturb their reunion with their cozy beds just so that I can fulfill my obsession to be unpacked in record time.  That will be done this morning when they are up.

Next I brought the "laundry bag" to its proper home in the laundry room.  During the trip we use one bag for dirty clothing so that when we return home it is easy to take care of.  I actually didn't even start doing the laundry until this morning... although I am not looking forward to folding and putting away since all the clothing is mixed...  mine, his, kids.. oh my!

Then I unpacked our bag, put it all away.   A piece of cake.   After a long trip, I can't stand to look at those suitcases for any longer than needed.

How long does it take all of you to unpacked without a trace of your holiday lingering?



  1. I usually have all my things unpacked as soon as I get in the house.

  2. welcome home ! first of all, love your bed !

    and yet another we-are-twins moment. whenever we come back from trips, the apartment is impeccable, just as i left it too. we drop our bags, i pour a glass of water, re-crack open the windows, turn on my computer and unpack right away. always. laundry waits until the next day too though. and a few piles of papers/mags/souvenirs are left lingering to organize thereafter...

  3. Kerrin,
    I just saw this comment. Oh I wish I could have a glass of wine these days... I think it would make the unpacking process a bit more fun! And you always have those little piles of papers to put away! You are such a traveler.