Monday, April 4, 2011

Organization tip: spring closet

This past weekend, since it is officially amazing warm weather in the South, I decided to do a little spring cleaning of my closet.  It feels clean and fresh.. and I am ready to throw together some cute warm weather looks.   Here's some ideas...   

I organized my handbags into groups based on sized.  I put some heavy ones higher up in the closet, and broke out some summery ones, wicker, light colors, etc. 

I put away most of my boots and made room for sandals, espadrilles, clogs and floral shoes. 

I did keep 2 pairs of boots out, a light colored pair of riding boots and some black over the knee boots, just in case.  I also like to make little displays in my closet of some of my favorites... like this sequin jacket, mink shawl and vintage Chanel heels.  

In the place where my boots were, I made sure my shorts and jeans had plenty of room.  

I kept a few sweaters down, the rest went in big bins on top of my closet.  
I also cleaned out my tanks and t-shirts and got rid of anything that was not fresh looking.  

In general, I use only white hangers and organize my hanging shirts by color.  
I put heavier jackets and sweaters to the back.   

I made sure cute summer accessories were out on display and ready to go. 

And lastly, you can never have enough cute dresses...  

happy spring  xo. 


  1. looks great! and speaking of dresses, love the lilly one- thanks for lending it!

  2. This is inspiring... I think I'll move my winter scrubs higher up in the closet, and move the spring ones closer to eye level.

  3. Darren... that is a great idea!

    Megan.. I am so glad you like the dress.. I knew it would be perfect on you! Have a great vacation!


  4. Oh my I did my spring cleaning today and it felt good to throw away things I did not need and put away half of my winter clothes! I love how you organized your closet, very cute!