Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obsessed with: wooden kids products

I am sort of obsessed with my kids playing with wooden toys instead of plastic ones*.  It has nothing to do with chemicals or environmental concerns, etc.  It is purely aesthetic.  I just feel like if there are going to be toys visible around my house, they should at least be of good design.

Here are some of my favorites.

Play Kitchen by Educo

Dump Truck by Plan Toys

Tool Bench by Melissa and Doug

High Chair by Stokke

Musical Instruments by Plan Toys

Interchangeable Cars by Automoblox

Ride-on Cow by Prince Lion Heart

*As the years have gone on, we have definitely acquired some plastic toys along the way, but the wooden ones are certainly my favorite!


  1. Sam, photos are great, all the items are really cool. Good job!!!! BSK

  2. I'm so impressed. You amaze me. Really. Do your kiddos like the prince lion heart ride on toy?

  3. Thanks Katherine! Charlie got that "wheely cow" as a gift for his first birthday.. and Tessa has been cruising around on it like crazy. It is a really cute toy. We have the smaller size, but there is a large one too.. but I think the small is a perfect size really. There are some cute animals too, a mouse, lady bug, bee...

    Thanks for reading.


  4. love. wooden. toys. and you know my favorite above ;0)

    funny to see this now, as a friend of mine is visiting with her 2 year old. she's been getting looks from everyone on the street here at her super cool modern *non-swiss* STOKKE stroller !

    good stuff sammo.

  5. These are great! That tool bench would make my nephews very happy. I completely agree re the aesthetics of wood.

  6. Thank you. We have been collecting for about 3 years.. Some are new toys and others have been around for ages.. xo.