Thursday, January 27, 2011

An organized moment: outgrown clothing

*each bag is labeled by size


  1. omg.. you are GENIUS!!! I have 7 rubbermaids taking up space in my attic. She's only 9 months old!!!! What are you going to do with all those clothes?

  2. any tips for the dreadful sock drawers?!

  3. Hmmm? Socks... well to be honest, I really hate socks... so as for me, I only have a few pairs to wear the gym.. BUT.. I may have some ideas for organized those little guys. I sometimes use sturdy gift boxes that are deep from ties, bracelets, etc. Another good option is the Container Store. We don't have one here in Charleston but they have a lot of selections on their website. Here is one item I found that could be helpful.