Monday, January 24, 2011

Organization tip: diaper bag

To keep my handbag/diaper bag tidy, I keep a large makeup bag inside. This makes it easy to keep all the kids' things together and keeps my bag mess-free.

It is also super handy when I go to the gym, I can leave the kids bag at the nursery and keep my bag with me.

Inside kids' bag I keep: 2 drinks, 2 diapers, 1 pair of underwear, Ziploc bag in case something messy happens, and snack box (this keeps snacks from getting crushed.. amazing!).



  1. You told me about this snack container once. Where did it come from? Target???

  2. Thanks for reminding me Danielle... I just posted where to buy the snack box. Just click on it and there is a link where to buy it.... I got it at a local health food store but they have it online.